Leisure & Hospitality

Leisure Centres, Pubs, Cafes & Hotels

With a wide selection of floored areas found within the Leisure and Hospitality sector, you need to ensure that the flooring suits its intended purpose. Cast your eye over our Food and Beverage sector, if you are looking for a flooring suited to a commercial kitchen, food preparation area or cellar area.

Whether it's a vast entrance foyer of a hotel, a working kitchen in a cafe, to the changing rooms of a leisure centre, resin flooring provides you with an easy to maintain creative solution that can stand up to traffic from a large volume of people, dropped objects, spillages and reduce trips and slips.

If you are undertaking a refurbishment project, we realise that closing parts of the building for long periods of time is not ideal, in instances such as these we would recommend considering a fast cure product to minimise disruption.

With a range of products available to choose from, we offer our customers a seamless service of suppling and installing your chosen resin flooring solution that works for its intended environment. 

Leisure & Hospitality Flooring Solutions - Recommended Ryebrook Branded Products