Specifiers Area

Section M12 Resource Area

From your initial contact with us, our team will ascertain any critical factors of the design intent, the floorings purpose and usage, design aesthetics, if the floor needs to comply to any specific legislation and any other key factors of the project.

With a range of products out there, our decades of experience can help identify the products ideal for your project.  We can also provide you with the necessary resources and information to go into your specification (section M12 - specialist resin flooring) - performance, technical data, requirements for installation, plus information surrounding product substitution.

Where you are unable to name a manufacturer, our team can assist you in setting out the criteria required for the main contractor and provide answers to on-site construction questions that may occur later down the line.

During our discussion we may ask you questions on:

  • the intended use of the floor
  • the extent and frequency of trafficking
  • details of any chemicals the floor may be exposed too
  • temperatures variants
  • any specific colouring - branding, division of area requirements
  • special requirements of the floor, slip-resistance, static controlled, legislation
  • timeframe for the installation of the floor
  • budget

Our aim is to ensure you we help you specify the product suited for the conditions of the floorings environment, both during application and subsequent service and to provide you with the knowledge on these systems.