Food & Beverage

Commercial Kitchens, Canteens, Cellars, Production Areas & Breweries

With a seamless impervious and non-porous resin floor, the risk of bacterial growth often found in areas with traditional tiles and vinyl sheets is eradicated.  It provides you with a hygienic, hard wearing floor that stands up to the rigorous demands of floor areas where food and drink can be found.  In addition, it can be anticipated that these environments can become wet underfoot from both cleaning and spillages.  Resin flooring can have anti-slip properties attached to it, reducing the potential hazards to any employees or customers. 

With a comprehensive range of colourful and decorative resin flooring products, we can supply and install resin floorings with the following properties required for flooring in areas such as commercial kitchens, canteens, cellars, production areas and breweries.

If you are considering a resin flooring for front of house areas of restaurants or hotels, please visit our dedicated Leisure and Hospitality page.

  • Hygienic flooring, reducing the risk of contamination incidents
  • Easy to clean - thermal shock resistant / can withstand heavy and frequent housekeeping regimes
  • Hard wearing - resistant to impact, abrasion and food or drink spillages
  • Anti-Slip properties - textured flooring to assist in preventing slip accidents 
  • Decorative flooring options with colour coded workstations / company branding
  • Fast Cure products available, to help minimise production downtime
  • A seamless box finish, utilising coving and wall products

Speak to our Sales Team to find the perfect seamless resin flooring solution for your project.

Food & Beverage Resin Flooring Solutions - Recommended Ryebrook Branded Products