Decorative Resins

A resin flooring no longer means having to stay to one colour.  Today, resin floorings an offer you that high impact modern design, either with laying contrasting colour bands, incorporating company colours matched to a specific RAL or British Standard Registered Colour or combining with a quartz finish.  Being a seamless system, the final result is visually attractive yet not compromising the benefits of a resin flooring system, long lasting, simple to clean and with great resistance to impact and abrasion.

Speak to our team about how we can accommodate a customisable finish such as a design or company colours.

  • Ryedec - flake finish - mottled mosaic effect (Epoxy)
  • Ryescreed Quartz - multi-coloured mottled effect - pigmented quartz aggregate (Epoxy)
  • Ryethane - we can add coloured flakes to the surface and seal in Gloss, Silk or Matt (Epoxy)
  • Ryescreed Quartz Rapid - multi-coloured mottled effect - pigmented quartz aggregate (MMA)
  • Ryegrip Rapid - decorative coloured quartz matrix (MMA)
Decorative Resin Flooring Products