Technical FAQs

Here are some of our commonly asked questions in relation to the supply and installation of our resin flooring and wall systems.

If you have a specific question in relation to a resin floor project, please call and speak to one of the team here at Ryebrook Resins on 01634 957 520 who will be happy to help answer your questions. 

Yes, we have a team of fully employed flooring technicians that are fully supported by our Head Office team in Rochester, Kent.  We cover new builds and refurbishment projects in London, Southern England and the Home Counties. 

If your project is out of this area, we are still happy to assist you and provide you with a quotation. 

There are standard colour palletes for each product.  If you are looking to match the flooring to a specific brand colour, BS or RAL colour in mind, we can see if we can provide it for you. 

Please note that the colours we are able to provide are dependant on product, specification and area size.

We can install resin flooring systems onto concrete, high strength cementicious screeds, SBR or polymer modified screeds, (minimum 18mm) marine ply to rock asphalt.

For areas where downtime is of an issue, we suggest you consider an MMA product.  This can be trafficked fully within 2 hours, sometimes 1 hour for light pedestrian traffic.

Yes, we are happy to work to a time suitable to your project schedule / business working hours.

We request a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks' notice, however if you have an urgent project deadline, please speak to one of our team.

This is a tricky question to answer.  It is dependant on the size of the flooring area and specification chosen.  Our sales team will be able to give you an approximate timeline upon your enquiry.

Most preparation is conducted with vacuum extraction with M class filters or Hepa filters.

Subject to use, three years for coatings, five years for Ryeflow and Ryeflor MD and 9 years for Ryeflor HF and Ryeflor RT,

Yes.  Out of our branded products we recommend Ryetech, Ryeflow, Ryecoat, Ryeflor MD and Ryeflor SL, however as an independant resin floor contractor, we will be happy to discuss all suitable products from other leading manufacturers with you. 

Please note: If a key requirement is an anti-slip floor, located with in an environment which can become wet, the floor may require texture to comply.

Yes, out of our branded products we have the following low slip potential products - Ryegrip, Ryegrip Rapid, Ryeflor HF, Ryeflor RT, Ryeflor MD and Ryeflor SL.

As an independant resin floor contractor, we are also able to supply and install slip resistant products made by leading resin manufacturers and will be happy to discuss all options with you.

Yes.  As it is dependant on the chemicals to be used, concentrations, immersion times and temperatures please speak to one of our team members who will be happy to advise on suitable products.