Laboratories, Production Areas & Healthcare Centres

Ryebrook Resins have laid resin flooring across a range of pharmaceutical environments, from laboratories, production areas and healthcare centres.   

We realise that these unique environments need a flooring that withstands the rigours of the day to day operations.  A seamless resin flooring offers a number of substantial benefits compared to other flooring for this sector. 

We are pleased to provide a range of hygienic, hard wearing, durable resin flooring and wall solutions that are suited to the unique requirements of pharmaceutical environments; offering real advantages in maintaining a sterile and safe environment.

  • Seamless flooring, eliminating joints that harbour dirt and bacteria
  • Anti-Slip properties keeping employees and customers safe from slip hazards
  • Stain Resistance, ensuring your floors remain aesthetically pleasing
  • Chemical resistant
  • Ability to withstand strict cleaning regimes
  • Durable
  • Decorative colour co-ordinated flooring for both safety and design

Our team of resin floor specialists are here to help you select the right resin wall and flooring solution for the given flooring project you are working on in this sector. We offer you a seamless point of contact for the supply and installation of your chosen product.

Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Flooring Solutions - Recommended Ryebrook Branded Products