Epoxy Floor Screed - FeRFA Type 6

Ryescreed is used as a semi decorative floor finish and can also be used as a repair mortar. It is a conventional highly filled epoxy resin quartz aggregate screed mortar for application to industrial floors which are subject to heavy traffic and light chemical attack. Ryescreed cures rapidly to give a heavy duty floor finish with excellent abrasion resistance.

Ryescreed unsealed has a mottled effect with a base background colour providing a slightly textured surface. Ryescreed sealed has a slightly textured even coloured finish.

Additional Reference Material

Resin Screed Flooring, Trowel-finished, heavily filled systems, generally incorporating a surface seal coat to minimise porosity, Medium Duty/Heavy Duty, >4mm
Advantages & Benefits
  • Good chemical resistance (medium duty flooring)
  • Can be rendered to walls and also forming coved skirting
Typical Areas of Use
  • Engineering workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Trucking Lanes
  • Test Houses
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • Engineering
  • Toilets

Compressive Strength


Tensile Strength


Flexural Strength


Slant Shear Bond Strength


Flame Spread (BS476 Part 7)

Class 2

Slip Resistance 

Low Slip Potential (with matt seal)

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