Ryedur DD

Ryedur DD

Polyurethane Coating - FeRFA Type 1

Ryedur DD polyurethane systems are the latest development in polyurethane technology. The cured coating is virtually insoluble and un-meltable, exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, and has outstanding light and weather stability.

Concrete, steel and many other metals are readily attacked, not only by industrial chemicals, but by pollutant chemicals in the atmosphere and rainwater. Ryedur DD coating systems enable problems to be overcome that would be impossible to solve with conventional paint materials.

Floor Seal, applied in two or more coats, generally solvent or water borne, Light Duty, up to 150 µm
Advantages & Benefits
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Light stability and weather resistance
  • Barrier against heavy rain
  • Protection from Carbonation
  • Anti-Graffiti properties
  • Hygienic sterile finish
  • Excellent chemical resistance
Typical Areas of Use
  • Ideal for protecting internal & external mineral substrates
    • Food industry
    • Chemical industry
  • Idea as an anti-corrosion coating for internal & external structural steelwork
    • Food processing machines
  • Fire testing to BS476: Part 7:1987 (amended 1990) Surface Spread of Flame - Class 1 rating
  • Fire testing BS476: Part 6: 1989 Flame Propagation. Class 0 rating to UK Building Regulations 1985, Section 15, Approval Document B2/3/4

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