Ryeflow Anti-Stat

Ryeflow 2000 Anti-Stat

Anti-Stat Epoxy Flooring - FeRFA Type 5

Ryeflow 2000 Anti-Stat is a medium to heavy duty epoxy resin in-situ floor finish designed to provide a smooth, seamless, hygienic surface with a high degree of resistance to chemicals, grease and solvent and also complying with anti-static requirements of BS2050 (hospital and industrial applications). Ryeflow 2000 Anti-Stat is produced from high quality formulated epoxy resins combined with specially grades conductive quartz aggregates in order to produce maximum chemical resistance, physical strength and electrically conductive qualities.

Additional Reference Material

Flow applied flooring, often referred to as 'self-smoothing' or 'self-levelling' floorings and having a smooth surface, Medium/Heavy Duty, 2mm to 3mm
Advantages & Benefits
  • Anti-Static resin
  • Hard wearing
  • Coloured throughout
  • Designed for electronic, pharmaceutical, dust control areas and clean rooms
Typical Areas of Use

Ryeflow 2000 Anti-Stat is ideal for use in areas subject to heavy wear, impact and abrasion which require additional protection from the build-up of static electrical charges.

This product is ideally suited for application within areas involving:

  • Electrical component design/manufacture
  • Powder processing
  • Explosive handling and storage
  • Medical equipment storage and repair
  • Hospital operating/sterile zones

Compressive Strength


Flexural Strength


Slant Shear Bond Strength


Flame Spread (BS476 Part 7)

Class 2

Elastics Modulus


Mixed Density 1.65

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