Ryethane 500

Ryethane 500

Epoxy Floor Coating - FeRFA Type 3

Ryethane 500 is a medium duty liquid applied flexible coating system providing a seamless finish with excellent resistances to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression including flexing/minor movement.

Additional Reference Material

High Build Floor Coating, applied in two or more coats,  Generally solvent free,  Medium Duty, 300 µm to 1000 µm
Advantages & Benefits
  • Flexible coating
Typical Areas of Use
  • Food preparation areas
  • Breweries
  • Dairy clean areas

Elongation at break to BS2782


Hardness Shore 'D'


Tensile Strength to BS2782


Tear Strength to BS903 die 'C'


Compressive Strength to BS6319 (No failure - 85% recovery)


Taber Abrasion - dry CS10/100 cycles/1kg 80mg
Taber Abrasion - dry H18/1000 cycles/1kg 400mg
Slip Resistance Medium

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