Ryerend LW

Ryerend LW

Lightweight Epoxy Render

Ryerend LW is a lightweight epoxy mortar which is readily applied to provide a chemically resistant section to vertical surfaces. The high resin content of Ryerend LW permits the application of large volumes of the mortar without the need for stress release joints, in areas such as continuous coving, gullies and structural repairs to concrete.

The lightweight structure of the mortar enables the formation of coving and wall rendering without the need for shuttering. Ryerend LW is used in conjunction with Ryebrook Resin Flooring systems to produce a totally seamless "box" finish in high hygiene and decontamination areas.

Additional Reference Material

Advantages & Benefits
  • Coated with Ryetech V, exhibits the highest level of chemical resistance and durability in vertical situations
  • Detailing mortar
  • Repairing subfloors
Typical Areas of Use
  • Coving
  • Fillets
  • Gullies
  • Wall finishes
  • Drainage systems
  • Void repairs

Compressive Strength


Tensile Strength


Flexural Strength


Slant Shear Bond Strength


Flame Spread (BS476 Part 7)

Class 2

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