Ryebrook Resins Flooring becomes an Employee Owned Company

Resins Flooring Ltd, who were a pioneer in the installation of resin floors to industrial, institutional and educational clients became an “Employee Owned Company” on the 6th October 2020. Along with Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd and Glasweld Systems (UK) Ltd, who together form Glasweld Holdings Group, founded by Alan Button in 1989.

The three companies, which make up Glasweld Holdings Ltd, and have all traded for more than 25 years, was handed over to an Employees Trust in a move to secure the jobs and future of its staff based at its Head office in Medway, alongside its 70 mobile technicians and licensees.

Alan Button will step down as Managing Director of the Company. Tom Baker and Wendy Shaw, will be taking up the reins as Directors of the Company, with the Employee Trust becoming the major shareholder of the Company.

The Employee Trust board will be made up of Directors and employees of all three companies, plus an independent director, Gary Missions. Before Gary’s recent retirement, Gary spent 32 years as the Technical Manager of Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd and Glasweld Systems (UK) Ltd.

During the handover of the Company to the Employee Trust, Alan Button thanked his employees and contractors for helping with the growth and success of the companies through their continued contribution over the years to the businesses. Alan Button stated that he felt setting up the Employee Trust would generate the security of everyone involved in the businesses and will reward them for their endeavours into their futures.